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Allied Worlds
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1 Arbra 10
2 Geonosis 2920
3 Nulan VI 10
4 Pesmenben III 2603
5 Republica 6353

Allied Worlds

Pesmenben III

With a population of over ten billion, Pesmenben III has come along way since Consul Gilbert Taylor first set foot on the planet before the formation of the First Triumvirate. This planet wide metropolis has become the very seat of the Triumvirate Coalition Government.


Leader Profiles

Tandis Valeek

Tandis Valeek is one the three consuls that lead the Triumvirate Coalition. He spent most of his adult life with the Coalition, starting as a simple prospector and working his way up through the ranks to Praetor of the Triumvirate Mining Corporation, before he was appointed to Consul on Day 267, Year 16.